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Would be great but it says I have no Internet connection when Im on wifi. Please fix. Potentially better than pandora.

Best Radio App Ever

Oh my gosh!!! Why didnt I get this sooner!!! It actually carries my fav OST station!!!! Love it!!! Love the UI!!! Thats more than I can say for other apps!

Pandora who?

So much better than Pandora. The library is great. A little confusing. But once you figure it out its so great. I love this app. The music is the best never freezes or doesnt work. Its always 100.

Really good

Good to listen to my favorite songs but freezes up some times

Best music app.

This is way better than pandora. It is a little confusing to use but after a while you get the hang of it and the music does freeze for like 5 seconds but still good app.

Needs work

Ive tried to use this app several times over the past four or five days (on iPhone and iPad) in a couple different strong wifi areas. Nice UI, but only plays three songs (max) and then stops. If this is a feature, they may want to re-think the application. Fix it so it reliably plays non-stop for several hours (like other radio apps) and the rating goes up. Ill try this thing again when I see an update.


This app is probably the best radio app Ive ever used. Much better than Pandora or maybe even iHeartRadio.

Soundtracker review

Awesome mix of music. 10/10

Well if it actually worked

I never even tried to play music on it because I could never sign in and make an account. And since you need to have that in order to make custom stations Im not sure how this app could possibly be better than pandora, songza or iheartradio. At least I can personalize those to some degree

Hands down

This has to be the best streaming, music discovering, sharing experience ever! Neatly done, easy transitioning from station to station. Great variety of music, HUGE selection to choose from. Have not run into any commercials so far, listing hours on end. All around an enjoyable experience! A must, ABSOLUTE must have App. Download now for the love of Music!! -Thanks for a truly outstanding App.

Great App

This app is great I listen to Soundtracker more than Pandora


This app is awesome, I like to listen to it. Also it has a very good song compilation.

Love the music

Have found some great music I love listening to.


Its like a confused Pandora with its arms cut off. What lyrics?

From Perú this is a great way to be in contact with The WORLD of music thank you all .

O wish all colusión be here with us . Pilar this is five stars.

Thumbs up

No ads! All music! Thanks.

Great app!!

I love this app! Very easy to use and the songs are always new. Its very handy when you get bored of hearing the same songs on the radio.


Wonderful great way to listen to music

love it

awesome great station easy and very clear love it

A M A Z I N G !!!

Guys, you did an absolutely great job. gets better and better. The variety of music is always huge and every function is faster and easier to use. Youre _ amazing!!!!!

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